Anti-Aging Skincare Series

The kit above complements each other and is recommended to be used together.

Step 1 – Lavender Foaming Face Wash
Apply 2-4 pumps of foam to damp skin, gently massage into your skin and rinse with warm water. Use morning and night. Also recommended after each workout.

Step 2 – Rose Facial Mist
Mist your face after using Lavender Face Wash AM/PM. Follow up with Rose Oil. Using your Rose Water Facial Mist also during the day will restore moisture and supply nutrients for your skin to thrive.

Step 3 – Rose Face Oil
For best results, use daily and apply to face and neck morning and night.
AM: Follow Steps 1 & 2 and apply 3-4 drops for your face and neck. Apply your regular SPF moisturizer over your oil.
PM: Follow Steps 1 & 2 and apply 3-4 drops for your face and neck. This can be used alone as an effective night time skin moisturizer.

Step 4 – Skin Detox Exfoliating Mask
Use twice a week during your nighttime skincare ritual. Dip in and stir. Apply generous amount of clay to your face and neck. Starting at your neck, move upward in a gentle, circular motion. Be careful to avoid the eye area! Don’t forget to run your fingers over your mouth for a gentle exfoliation of your lips. Leave on for 30 mins, or the length of a nice, relaxing bath or shower. Rinse and follow with Steps 2 & 3.